Andrew Barnes is a partner at growers and nomads and he works with corporate clients to build successful brands from the inside-out.

Many organizations have difficulty distinguishing between their products and their brand – or understand exactly how to bring a brand to market. The essence of modern brand building is to understand and clearly define the brand, and then unfold it through brand building that links the products, brand experience, and marketing to the relationships and expectations that customers and prospects form for themselves about and around the brand.

The first step is to create a compelling and visionary story that can potentially attract and retain customers and employees. The second is to build a brand experience that can deliver the brand promise at an extraordinary level. And finally, have a relentless system to measure customer and prospect feedback to form the basis for a culture of continuous improvement across every element of the brand.

Andrew’s entrepreneurial skill areas include brand building, partnerships, market development, product delivery and roll-outs. His start-up and corporate work spans media, mobile, telecom, commercial real estate and market research.