Brand Experience is the intentional experience a brand creates for its prospects and customers in order to deliver on the promise of its brand. It is a carefully designed process that charts the actual journey of customer acquisition, service and product purchase and delivery, customer interaction completion, and the earning of customer recommendation, referral and repeat business. For a modern brand it is in essence brand delivery, as from a customer’s perspective the brand experience becomes the brand itself.

Growers and Nomads designs, alongside the client, their brand experience. Essentially the work is the design of a process in stages which defines in every stage how the brand promise is delivered through:

  • What happens for the customer (customer centric)
  • What the brand needs to do for the customer (brand centric)
  • What behaviors, language and rituals the people, places and technology need to present (brand and customer centric in alignment)
  • What the sales process is (brand and customer centric in alignment)
  • What happens next
  • What must be measured at every stage for continuous improvement process development.

Stages that we design with clients:

Promise – The marketing that sets up a predisposition to buy in prospects. And a repeat purchase in returning customers.

Need – The process of understanding of customer expectations when they have a need for the products and services of that brand.

Contact – The process for experience the customer receives when first engaging with the brand be it online, face to face, telephone etc.

Engagement – The sales process be it delivered online, in store, in home, across time.

Delivery – The process that links the sale to the close of transaction.

Gratitude – The process that ritualizes completion and thank you.

Continuation – The process of gaining and retaining knowledge of the customer experience. This is done through measurement and drives further improvement.

The result from this accumulation of work is a brand experience process that becomes an important and differentiating brand asset for the enterprise every bit as important as the brand promise. Brand delivery activates and actualizes brand promise, and the brand experience contains the dynamic elements that turn message into meaningful top and bottom line performance.


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