In parallel to the brand experience journey, Growers and Nomads believe that charting and designing the brand marketing journey allows a brand to see where the most critical and beneficial moments are for customer acquisition, retention and management, leading to clarity and purpose around marketing strategy and resource allocation. From that place we are able to advise the client on the marketing programs and tactics that maximize marketing conversion in a converged marketing eco-system that may encompass online, offline, in-store and in-home environments.

In particular our work in the Brand Marketing Journey may include:

Marketing plan development.

Bringing the language of brand belief and brand promise through into marketing elements.

The building of brand community through content strategy planning leveraging the content North Star into content themes and filters or lens, and then into Content Series that are merchandized into marketing media ‘swim lanes.

Persona work.

Recommendation of best practice affiliated partners for creative execution in any media type and channel.

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