Brand Promise: Only [brand name] delivers [relevant differentiated benefit] in [product or service category]

From brand belief we move the work into brand promise. Brand promise is the promise that the brand believes its prospects and customers implore of it to make and keep through the experience delivered through product, process and people.

The resulting work of Brand Promise is a completed Brand Platform that allows a brand to move into the critical stages called Brand How which encompasses everything that will allow brand promise to become brand delivery, and which in turn will determine Brand Health as determined by various factors, some external such as brand reputation as viewed and reviewed by the brand’s prospects and customers, and internal as viewed through the lens of business performance (financial and operating model KPIs), and employee satisfaction.


Brand Promise is a creative strategy piece that takes the work of brand belief into ‘What business are you really in’ through the answers to these core questions:

  • What is your sustainable competitive advantage?
  • What is your core competency?
  • Who are your customers today and who will they be tomorrow?
  • Who are your competitors today and who will they be tomorrow?
  • What are your competencies today and will you need to add others for tomorrow?

Identifying Relevant Differentiated Benefit allows for the development of the Brand Promise.


Belief Design

With this work litigated, designed and completed, Growers and Nomads helps its clients create brand promise as a platform that includes:

Positioning Statement (sometimes called Vision and Mission)

Development or Refreshment of Values



Content North Star

Core strategic pillars of brand delivery

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