WHY Growers and Nomads

Growers and Nomads builds brands. What does that mean? Fundamentally it speaks to an approach – a point of view – a practice — around how modern brands should and need to be built. It starts with our definition of brand. To us a brand is a promise, delivered and measured. Our work then is focused on those ideas, processes, experiences, behaviors, strategies and tactics that build the promise, delivery and measurement of a brand. At Growers and Nomads the greatest prize a brand can own is a Brand Behavior Space that we define as a place in customer consciousness where a brand owns the behavior customers have around and ascribe to a whole entire category. We are not an advertising agency or even a marketing agency in the traditional sense of those words. Instead we focus on building depth of relationship and expectation between enterprises and customers. And we do it from the inside out, starting with the beliefs that live inside every entrepreneurial idea and venture, and then, over time unfold those through everything and everyone that touch the customer. After all, brand is not done to people, brand is moved through people and the most sustainable thing a brand can have is a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with its customers.

Building the journeys that connect ideas and reality through process is the work of building brand. At Growers and Nomads we call this Conscious Engineering and Active Shepherding. We bring a clear methodology to our work with clients (who we prefer to call partners) and we do this in a mindset of transparent, inclusive and unapologetic relationship, because to us relationships will always be more important than transactions. Brand building combines art (flat out creativity, ideation and litigation of the ideas), science (process engineering with measurable outcomes) and shop-keeping (continuous improvement). Brand building is our core competency; it is our passion; it is our footprint; and it is our impact.

What others say about us

Growers and Nomads were recommended because of their reputation for deep impact brand building. Our portfolio clients often need brand building before we can even begin growth hacking, so we wanted a full workout on ourselves before introducing them to our precious clients. Growers and Nomads helped us tremendously build our brand platform, as they say, “You can’t tell the label of the jar that you’re already in.”

We liked and genuinely appreciated their willingness to collaborate side-by-side with us, challenging and stretching our thinking. They called it “litigation” but it was truly enjoyable. It’s refreshing to experience how they pose fundamental questions and make us think so differently about our own company, it energized the entire team. We found ourselves challenging our assumptions about who we are, what we do, what we stand for, our strengths, and our opportunities. Through the process we uncovered our unique benefits which differentiates us from our competition.

We found their models and techniques clear and effective, they clearly have put a lot of thought into them. We’ve used our brand platform work to design our identity, messaging, collateral, marketing, and website content; followed by integration into brand experience and marketing journey. We recommend Growers and Nomads to companies who need to build brand, and build their enterprise value through the process. It will give you the north star every company is too stubborn to look for.”

Frank Sandoval
Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder, Orogamis


We wanted to work with Growers and Nomads because we were ready for a full product launch. We were coming out of a soft launch for market and UX testing. It was the perfect time to assess and begin building the brand that we knew we were going to need before we scaled up.

After our briefing they jumped in and worked with us to develop our brand platform to provide the foundation for our brand voice, messaging, brand experience, UI, and UX. They helped us both explore and uncover what our business was really about, and the business industries we were really disrupting. It gave us a clearer message to communicate “who we are”, “what we do”, and “why someone should care.” As a brand we developed what customer and user’s motivations might be, and what a community around our new brand identity might look like.

We left multiple meetings with Growers and Nomads with a full appreciation of our beliefs and promise. We developed the branding platform which defines the voice of Pied Parker. Later this would prove to be integral to consistent messaging across collateral, user interface, and user experience within the app. We see our brand building with Growers and Nomads as well worth the investment. Not even a question.”

Gianni Maxemin
CEO, Pied Parker

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