At Growers and Nomads we define our brand experience as The Transparent Container. As we say, “In order to drink a glass of water you need the glass and the water. Without the water there is nothing to drink, and without the glass there is no easy way to drink it.” The job of our brand – of any brand – is to build the glass and put some water into it. We then ask our clients and, upon their invitation, other parts of their community as and when invited, to contribute water to the container. In that transparent, creative, inclusive but contained space, great ideas, strategies, tactics and program execution can and do take place.

The three elements that contribute to our process are:

Co-creation: In deep belief to what open minded, top minded, flat out creativity looks and feels like we really litigate ideas that come from anyone and at any time.

Collaboration: The word ‘we’ is the word our clients hear because to do our work well we simply move into a conscious state that we are part of the client’s culture and their challenge and issues around brand which they need to move through, employees, customers, product development, marketing, learning and development and systems are ours. We think of it as the Golden Rule of brand building.

Education: There is schooling and there is education. At Growers and Nomads we don’t school anyone or anything. What we do is invest ourselves in learning about our clients and then we enter into a mutual education process at a pace and cadence that moves thoughts into ideas, ideas into solutions and deliverables. We believe in the cycle of education; education is a gift of giving and receiving between people. It is based in humility, and the great joy of being brand builders and in brand building, is that our clients grow as a result of what we do, and always no less than we do because of the work with you.