At the core of brand building is brand belief. Brand belief work is essentially the writing of the language that answers the question, ‘Why?’ This language which we create as a series of Beliefs and then into a Brand Belief Book holds within it the potential to be unfolded as strategies and tactics into marketing, customer journeys, brand experience, product and service development, organizational development, learning and development for employees, technology requirement and of course company and brand strategy. Brand belief books form the nitroglycerine, the concentrated orange juice of brand. They personify the approach of inside-out brand building. At Growers and Nomads we have been doing work like this for more than fifteen years. It has built our reputation and the truth is this work makes a difference for enterprises and individuals. When there is the answer to the question ‘Why’ the answer to the questions, ‘What business are you really in,’ and “What are you marketing,’ become a lot easier to bring into focus, and that is the place to go forward the journey to build a modern brand.

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