Brand health is the resulting measurement from the delivery of brand promise as considered by prospects and customers. It is the most important attribute of brand reputation. Ever increasingly so it matters less what companies and brands say about themselves and ever more so what its customers say about it. Indeed, brand health is becoming brand promise because brands promise to deliver to new or retained customers what they have already been proven and evidenced to be able to do so by others. Brand health is marketed as reputation management.

At Growers and Nomads we think of Brand Health as Brand Behavior Space that is the prize of brand. It is the place where greatest value and equity creation is achieved. Every brand should aspire to the creation of a Brand Behavior Space because it is where the brand community, made of diverse groups of stakeholders who all interact with the brand in self interested different ways, live together as an active conscience pushing the brand forward to create greater impact on their own lives.

These groups may include:

Potential Hires
Channel Partners
Industry Groups
Community Leaders


Brand Health is made up of measurements. Every brand can decide what those elements should be and Growers and Nomads can help put together a Brand Health Measurement Index for its clients. Elements that should be considered include:

  • Brand Experience for Prospects and Customers through the Net Promoter System (NPS).
  • Employee satisfaction through an eNet Promoter System
  • Distributed revenue generation groups through a survey system
  • Brand awareness both aided and unaided
  • Financial performance
  • Innovation and ideation through speed to market and impact on business performance in years 1-3
  • Productivity and conversion of marketing spend through
  • The results of growth hacking efforts


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