Growers and Nomads has been working in franchising even before there was Growers and Nomads. Building brands in franchising speaks so greatly to understanding how to move vision through a distributed wealth organization by way of beliefs and values and the building of a culture, then made real and tangible through integrated marketing and consistent and uniform brand experience. The great joy of working in franchising is that result is so tangible – happy and profitable franchisees. Franchisor income and profit, the opportunity to expand the franchise network through franchise sales development, continuous new program and operational development all unfold from the core meaning of the brand. Fundamentally the brand is the reason an independent operator joins, remains and thrives in a franchise system. There is no greater responsibility on a franchise brand than to become over time a fully-formed brand. It takes time to become so but the rewards for all the stakeholders involved can be immense.

For some established franchise brands, a brand refresh can be an impactful and meaningful way to reflect the evolution of the brand’s culture and/or business objectives. By assessing how and if the brand still accurately expresses itself, a road map can be developed with the end goal of renewed brand-and-company alignment.

Some franchise systems we have worked with:

What some of our franchise partners are saying about us:

Edward Leaman has been an invaluable business ally for over a decade. Edward possesses a truly rare orientation to brand and brand building and through his creative and critical thinking, and has brought that into incredible service for the brand of Pillar To Post Home Inspectors. There is a co-existence of complexity and simplicity in the way Edward processes the world around us to methodically explore and recommend brand positions. He holds the customer point of view, their needs and their experience central to the organization’s opportunities for its brand. He understands brand in ways that no other person I have met can parallel and he brings that to the service of the organization.

Every organization needs a “north star” for its brand and that star is not always obvious or easy to find, but when the “brand north star” is crystal clear, an incredible clarity and empowerment befalls the entire organization. Edward is genius at helping organizations find the “north star” for their brand. Edward and the entire Growers and Nomads team are true professionals, they deliver what they promise, they see the world differently than many of us and, importantly, they hold their client’s success as the definition for their success. I cannot recommend Edward Leaman and the Growers and Nomads team more highly than to say I look forward to another decade working together.”

Dan Steward
President and CEO, Pillar To Post Home Inspectors

“Growers and Nomads have been our key brand strategists for over 15 years. During that time, Edward has worked with College Pro as a partner and has continuously been the voice of the customer. The process and approach is always based on rigorous brand thinking combined a soulful, humanistic insight of the sustainable relationships companies can have with their customers.

The process starts with a deep understanding on what the company stands for and results in a belief book that informs the branding. Growers and Nomads understands strategy, operations, learning, performance and the change process and works with teams to execute the belief work into practical approaches and execution. The work, however, does not stay still, and part of their work is to keep the company and ideas relevant. We are happy to be a part of the Growers and Nomads story, and have them part of ours.”

Tony Valle
CEO, College Pro

“Hearing the true “voice of the consumer” has been a pursuit of our organization for many years. However, hearing the voice and being able to appropriately respond to it has been the challenge we’ve faced in trying to be the best in the business at what we do. Edward Leaman and his team have been the architects behind our consumer advocacy, our brand positioning, and the ultimate delivery of our customer experience. Without their fingerprints on everything we do we would not be where we are today, and more importantly where we will be tomorrow as an organization!”

Tom Wood
CEO, Floor Coverings International


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