Growers and Nomads works with agencies to bring our focus on brand to the work of marketing. Specifically we most often collaborate to define the client’s beliefs and values, then build a more complete brand platform from that place incorporating core purpose, relevant difference and sustainable competitive advantage. In essence, our work seeks to answer the question, “What are we marketing?” It is from that place that an agency can go forward to design a full marketing program incorporating the language of the brand.

We have more recently been asked to create the language of brand experience for agency clients. This entails designing into a brand’s customer experience, rituals, be they call scripts, in-store or in-home sales language, and specific ‘moments’ which become memorable for customers. All of this serves to deepen the connection between the brand and the customer.

As the work of Growers and Nomads is centered and grounded on moving ideas into realities through process, agencies find that we help anchor the work of marketing to deeper and more meaningful promise and purpose. In doing so, our collaboration creates for agencies a connection with clients that the clients very much value. Work product becomes more truly the work of partnership, making sure that brand promise is delivered and that customer feedback and measurement data is analyzed with the objective of continuous improvement of the relationship customers have with brands. By bringing conscience into the work of marketing, clients receive and welcome the opportunity for the unfolding of exponential value and equity.


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