To work with entrepreneurs is a privilege. People driven to make their ideas become reality, most often for the purpose of doing something innovative, disruptive, impactful and different is to enter the world where undoing what has gone on before and unfolding a new way of doing something moving forward meet. Brand building thrives in this environment.


Our work and experience with entrepreneurs has covered projects, consultancy and ongoing involvement with both brand start-ups, brand growth strategy and brand refreshment under new ownership. The core of the work speaks to the establishment of trust between Growers and Nomads and the principals of the enterprise or organization. What is common to the work that spans sectors and distinct customer segmentation across industries, demographics and psychographics is that we align at the place called making a difference through world-class thinking and execution. The work always matters the most and as entrepreneurs know and prove life shows that unfolding and actualizing vision as reality becomes the work of realizing that time to do unfulfilling work is what drives brand building.  At Growers and Nomads brands are stories brought to life as experiences so we work with entrepreneurs to build the stories and then bring them to life as brand experiences for their communities.


Thank you to these wonderful and varied entrepreneurs and their brands with whom we have and have had the privilege to work recently.


Susan Gates and Amy Rappaport – Redbird Group

Chris Jaeb – Common Ground Kauai

Amir Golestan – Micfo

Susan Griffin-Black and Brad Black – EO Products

Raymond Davi

TheBu Kombucha






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