Company History

Growers and Nomads was established in 2001 as a new iteration of the professional practice of Edward Leaman that had carried several names in the fifteen years before that. Edward’s bio tells that story (designer and merchant became marketer became brand builder).

Since 2001 Growers and Nomads has grown its sphere of work and impact primarily through two sources, one its rework in franchising and secondly through the impact of Edward’s academic work at Stanford and the California College of the Arts (CCA). Franchising and the community of companies and agencies in that sphere have really embraced the work of Growers and Nomads, and through the academic work start-up and entrepreneurial brand building has become a really exciting part of the practice. The company is small and its reputation is one of delivering on its promises by working really hard, doing great work and being totally client focused. That reputation is anchored in our client services skill-set, otherwise known as Sandra Mickiewicz.



Edward Leaman

Edward Leaman


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