How brand speaks to opportunity

If brand is fundamentally the movement of promise made real through delivery, what kind of promise can brand make that might inspire a community of people to rally to its purpose?

Brand speaks to opportunity. It posits what is possible through product or service, for profit or non profit, to make an impact on societal development, to help shape a conversation about unfolding culture, to look into the future and say, “imagine this.”  It is a container of good and hope, of potential yet to be realized yet possible to be made real through the work and actions of brand owners and their employee collective. Brand is intent around principle and around values and beliefs, shaping a core set of attitudes that will appeal to people who share those same elements of personal creed. Brand speaks to a journey yet untraveled yet which will be navigated through every element of operational execution in order to make a footprint it will leave behind as legacy and heritage upon the landscape of human endeavor.

These are lofty, ambitious and visionary hopes for the role of brand in the world, and it is right to ask if they are too lofty, ambitious and visionary?  Not to us. We ask that somewhere and somehow as entrepreneurs give birth to their ideas and concepts, as they develop the first steps of what might become something that changes the world for the better, that within these moments of genesis the effort is made to language the idea and concept verbally and visually for others, both external as prospective customers, and internally as prospective employees, to touch its meaning and consciousness and make of it an opportunity that the world might embrace.

This is how brand speaks to opportunity and this is the opportunity that lives within the idea and work of brand. This is the passion of brand that holds that a promise is a focus on the future, and the future is always worth exploring.



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